Maine State Prison, Montpelier, Museum of Transportation


In a survey made of students as to places they would be interested n visiting during the Maine Journey, several indicated and interest in The Maine State Prison. This trip was made part of the "Maine Journey" to familiarize students with our penal system and to give them a view of prison life. This was related by two inmates who participated in an educational progam on Crime and Prevention, aimed at school age children. The visit to the Knox [Montpelier] Mansion was designed to familiarize students with a famous Maine person and the style of life depicted at the mansion. . .The Knox Mansion is open May 30th through Labor Day from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. State and Federally funded programs are admitted free. The Museum of Transportation is open mid May to mid October, from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. seven days a week. Call for information concerning group rates.

The Rockland-Thomaston area is best reached by traveling Route 1 and Route 7. From the Carmel-Etna area it is best to travel Route 7 through Dixmont Hills and Coastal highlands to Belfast and then Route 1 to Rockland-Thomaston. Traveling time is approximately two hours.

Activities at the prison may include a tour of the Minimum Security Unit at the Prison Farm in Warren. Tours of the prison itself are not allowed. The tour of the farm includes the wood and metal shops, eating facility, sleeping quarters and store. A slide presentation showing prison life can be arranged. This program is also available for presentation at your school. A question and answer period may follow the presentation. Plan to visit the Prison Store located on Route 1 in Thomaston. Items for purchase are made by the inmates of the prison.

Lunch may be acquire at [various local eateries], all within walking distance in Rockland. A picnic lunch may be enjoyed at Lucia Beach in Owls Head, however, there is difficulty in maneuvering a bus if there is a crowd. The beach is reached by driving to the Knox County Airport, turning right after the main entrance, following that road to the approach lights to the airport, turning left and bearing left to the beach. A picnic area is also located at the Museum of Transportation.

The Knox Mansion is a reconstruction of the original house built by Major General Henry Knox in 1794. Although the building is a reproduction, the furniture is all original and much of it belonged to the Knox family. Collections of glass, china, silver, as well as portraints and prints may be seen. All tours are given by experienced guides.

The Museum of transportation located at the Knox County Airport is very unique. Its collection includes airplanes, vehicles and other machinery in working order. The Museum has one of the most significant aircraft collections on the Eastern Seaboard. Automobiles include a 1907 Cadillac, a 1908 motor buggy, Stanley Steamers, Models S, T, and A Fords, to mention a few. On weekends, these machines are demonstrated.

If plans are made to visit all three sites in the Rockland area, it is suggested that the Prison be visited in the morning, followed by lunch and a visit at the Museum and then a tour of the Knox Mansion. If your day begins about 9:30 A.M. at the Prison, you should finish the Mansion tour by 3:30-4:00 P.M.

Student Rating - 3.7
Staff Rating - 3.9

Museum of Transportation
Student Rating - 3.4
Staff Rating - 4.0

*Not visited in 1980 due to "lockdown."

(Excerpt from The Maine Journey Field Trip Guide, 1980, p.8-9.)

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