The trip to Washburn-Norlands was included in the Maine Journey to acquaint the participants with life as it was a century or more ago. Contact for an adventure at Washburn-Norlands may be made with....[who] would be more than happy to send you pertinent literature concerning activities available.

The Washburn-Norlands site is located in Livermore, Maine. The site consists of five 19th century buildings. Norlands is a registered National Historic Site. The site offers a variety of programs for both adults and students. Programs vary from day-time activities to live-ins where participants are involved for a number of days and remain at Norlands overnight.

Programs which are covered during the period of a day include: "A Typical Day in School in the 1840's", "Life in Rural Maine 1840-1880", "The Busy Cradle", and "A Visit to The Farm". Combinations of these programs may be given for larger groups.

It is necessary that arrangements for your tour be made in adance. Group rates are available. For example, Journey I: "A Typical Day in School in the 1840's" costs $25.00 for up to 24 students. Each additional student above 24 costs $1.00. Journey II: "Life in Rural Maine 1840-1880" costs $55.00 for up to 24 students; students above 24 cost $2.00 each. In Journey II students participate in preparing an authentic noon meal.

In all of the programs, participants are drawn back into time and live the life as it was a century ago. Activities are representative of the season in which one visits. Students do housework, such as scrubbing clothes, ironing, washing dishes, doing "chamber" work. Meals are cooked each day and authentic menus vary. Crafts such as rug hooking, weaving and patchwork are also done. Outdoor activities include working in the fields, gardening, cutting fire wood, working in the barn and making maple sugar.

This program was pehaps the most educational as indicated by the student and staff evaluations. We recommend if your tour group is large that two days be spent at Norlands thereby allowing each participant to fully experience JourneyI (School) and Journey II (Farm).

A must visit for students and adults.

Student Rating - 4.0
Staff Rating - 4.0

(Excerpt from The Maine Journey Field Trip Guide, 1980, p.38.)

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