Scott Paper Woodlands Operation -- Greenville Junction


Students in the pre-program survey indicated that they would like to visit a woods operation. This trip related well to the visit at St. Regis in Bucksport early in the program. It would be more productive to arrange these trips on consecutive days if possible. It is suggest the Scott Tour be taken prior to the St. Regis Tour...

From the Bangor area travel Route 15 to Greenville. Follow Route 15 through Greenville Jct. towards Squaw Mountain. The Scott offices are approximately four miles from the junction. From southern Maine travel I-95 to the Newport-Detroit exit, and then Route 7 toDexter, Route 23 to the junction of Route 15 in Guilford and Route 15 to Greenville Jct. and Scott Paper. Traveling time from Bangor is approximately one hour and forty-five minutes. Small groups may arrange lunch through Scott at a fee. Large groups should bring picnic lunches.

Included in the tour of Scott Lands is a slide presentation at Squaw Mountain. This explains Scott's role in the Maine woods and Maine economy. Following the slide presentation we traveled to the Scott harvesting site for a look at modern harvesting techniques. Bring your camera, for wildlife is abundant. Many activities occur on a Scott Paper Company Woodlands tour. Students may be exposed to forest areas in different stages of growth. Guides explain the function of mechanical harvesters in the total operation and, if timing is right, students may have the opportunity to inspect the mechanical harvesters. Students may be exposed to experimental plots where tests are being conducted to determine which factors account for more rapid growth of trees. The spruce bud worm may also be discussed at length.

This trip affords the students an excellent view of Maine's number one industry. A trip to Scott's Winslow or Hinckley paper plants would be an excellent trip for the following day. This would provide continuity in picturing the total industry to the students.

This was one of our most interesting and more educational trips.

*Not visited in 1980 due to a labor strike.

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