Great Norther Paper Company--Millinocket


One of the largest paper mills in Maine, Great Northern Paper Company, is located in Millinocket and provides an excellent opportunity for studetns to view the paper making process.

In making arrangements for this tour Great Northern Paper...Make arrangements well in advance, for tour groups must be small and extra guides may need to be on call. The tour takes approximately one hour and students view the process from tree-length logs to paper.

While on tour the students will get first-hand view of the Ultra Eleven Paper machine. This machine is capable of producing in one day a 25 foot wide sheet of paper that would extend from Millinocket to Milwaukee.

Great Norther Paper Company produces paper used in newspapers, mass circulation magazines, books, mail order catalogs, almanacs, business forms, telephone directories, as well as children's workbooks and supplementary texts.

Great Northern, which owns over two million acres of timberland in Maine, produces 854,000 tons of paper a year--approximately 2,385 tons every working day.

Great Northern Paper Company
Student Rating - 3.2
Staff Rating - 3.4

(Excerpt from The Maine Journey Field Trip Guide, 1980, p.19.)

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