Bangor Daily News, Bangor Historical Society, WLBZ TV


The Bangor area activities were scheduled to expose students to the different media and the history of the Bangor area. Students were divided into three groups and rotated among the three sites. Each visit was approximately one hour in length...

The tour of the TV 2 Studio on Mt. Hope Avenue lasted approximately forty-five minutes. Students met some of the TV personalities and were given guided tours of the newsroom, film laboratory, control room and studio as well as other offices. Tours are also available at Studio City, WABI, where students can visit both radio and television facilities.

The Bangor Historical Society's Penobscot Heritage Museum located on Union Street has a number of different exhibits which change periodically. The depict the area history as well as exhibits and items concerning American history and its connection with Maine. The museum is located on two floors. For a small fee, schools may rent traveling exhibits for display at their school.

The tour of the Bangor Daily News Building on Main Street gives the students an excellent insight into how a newspaper is prepared and distributed to the public. A very able guide explains the part played by the writing staff, the teletype system, the photography laboratory, the classified ad department and graphics department. Students are shown how the written and pictorial information are placed on plates and how printing presses themselves operate. Finally the students are shown the distribution area where papers are counted, packaged and shipped by truck to areas of Maine or sent to the post office for mailing.

The three tours were completed in approximately four hours after which students ate Bangor.

*Not visited in 1980. [No ratings]

(Excerpt from The Maine Journey Field Trip Guide, 1980, p.26.)

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