Maine Maritime, Fort George, Allie Ryan Museum, Intelligent Beachcombing


The trip to the Maine Maritime Academy, Fort George, and the Allie Ryan Maritime Museum was designed to give the students and awareness of Maine’s relation to the sea and to explore the significance of Castine’s participation in the history of Maine. Tours of the Academy and Museums may be arranged [by contacting the Academy]. No contact is necessary for visiting Fort George. Intelligent Beachcombing may be contacted by calling Maine Maritime Academy…

The Maine Maritime Academy my be reached by traveling to Bucksport via Route 15 from Bangor and then Routes 175 and 166A to Castine. Total traveling time from the Bangor area is approximately one hour and twenty-five minutes.

The Maine Maritime Academy offers a specialized and highly unique program for the young people interested in a career at sea, in the shoreside maritime industry, and marine sciences. The highlight of the visit to the Academy centered on visiting the training ship “TV State of Maine.” This portion of the day’s activities lasted approximately one hour and thirty minutes and involved a both to stern walking tour of the ship with a knowledgeable guide who explained the operation of the ship and answered questions posed by students and staff. A walking tour of the campus lasted approximately one hour. Students and staff had the opportunity to visit various buildings on the campus. The Allie Ryan Maritime Museum visitation lasted approximately thirty minutes. The collection of photographs, oil paintings, ship models, and other memorabilia depicts our 19th Century Atlantic Maritime Heritage in sail and steam.

“Intelligent Beachcombing” is a program designed to introduce people, regardless of their ages and educational background, to the world of water. Sessions on various topics are held daily either in the morning or afternoon. Cost of this activity is $4.00* per person. Prior arrangements should be made for this activity. Length of each session is approximately three hours.

Fort George, located in Castine, is rich in early history of the Castine area. Built on the highest point on the peninsula by the British beginning in 1779. the Fort withstood the Penobscot Expedition and remained in British hands until January, 1784. The British returned again in 1814, garrisoned the Fort until April 25, 1815, at which time they destroyed it. The history of Fort George is depicted on display boards at various points in the earthen fort. Time spent at Fort George was approximately one hour.

It would be a very long day if all activities listed were scheduled. It is suggested that Fort George be visited upon arrival in Castine and then the activities at the Academy.

“Intelligent Beachcombing” could be part of a separate trip to the Castine area, coupled with a visit to the Wilson Museum which provides guided tours. Contact would have to be made with the Wilson Museum. Students should bring lunches which may be eaten at Fort George or the academy football stadium.

The journey to Castine gave the youngsters an insight into our Maritime Heritage and an opportunity to visit one of Maine’s post-secondary educational facilities. It was well received by both staff and students and will be included in future summer journeys.

Student Rating – 3.7
Teacher Rating – 3.9

*Cost per person may have changed

(Excerpt from The Maine Journey Field Trip Guide, 1980, p.5-6.)

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Nurselainie said...

I was a participant in the 1982-1983 Maine Journey from Caravel.
I wish to start the program up again for my children. please email or contact me
Lainie ( Johns ) Hill